Basic Dehong Dai Phrases! (Chinese Shan)

Maue Sung Xaa! In this article I will teach you some basic Dehong Dai phrases and sentences that you can use the next time you travel to Dehong, Yunnan, China!

General Information

Dehong Dai is the language of the Dai minority in China (also known as Chinese Shan). It is estimated to be spoken by over 700,000 people in Dehong and other parts of Yunnan.

Why should you learn Dehong Dai?

Dehong is a Tai language with it’s own script and literature stretching back centuries and learning this language will truly make you unique amongst those in the language learning community. Not only would you open the doors to interaction with some of the most interesting minorities in China, but you would help preserve this language. Speaking Dehong Dai will also allow you to learn other Tai languages, like Lao, Thai or Issan.

Basic Phrases

Let’s learn some basic phrases and sentences together.

Hello – Maǔe súng

Have you eaten yet? (Common greeting) – Maūe kin xaù yaû hué?

What is your name? – Maūe tsue sáng?

My name is ___ – Kau tsue___

Where are you from? – Maūe luk ti thaé maā?

I am from ___ – Kau luk___maā

I am learning Dehong Dai – Kau fěk Xaām Taī Taûexoōng

Where can I learn Dehong Dai?

There are not that many recourses for learning Dehong Dai on the internet. However, these useful links can aid in your learning. The best to learn Chinese Shan is to travel to Dehong itself! Why not take an exotic vacation to Southern China this year and explore some of the lesser known parts of the world!

Useful Links

Learn Dehong Dai on YouTube

Now you have learned a little bit of Dehong Dai! Congratulations! You can now use these phrases whenever you need to during your travels around Dehong. Good luck!



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