Basic Burmese Phrases

Min-ga-lar-par! In this article I will teach you some basic Burmese phrases that you can use the next time you travel to Myanmar!

General Information

Burmese is the official language of Myanmar, and is spoken by over 40 million people. The language is natively known as Myanmar Zagar (မြန်မာစကား) or Myanmar Bharthar (မြန်မာဘာသာ)

Why should you learn Burmese?

If you have an interest in the cultures of Myanmar and want to make friends from Myanmar, then learning Burmese is essential to enhancing your experience in the golden land. Learning Burmese will allow you to expand your mind and have a more in-depth understanding of Burmese culture.

Myanmar is a developing nation and one of the largest in Southeast Asia. Being able to speak Burmese will open your doors to new opportunities in Asia, specifically in ASEAN.

Burmese will also help you communicate with Theravada Monks and learn more about Buddhism.

Basic Phrases

Let’s learn some basic phrases and sentences together.

Hello – Min-gala-ba

Nice to meet you – Twei-ya-da wun:-tha-ba-de 

How are you? – Nei-kaun:-ye-la:? 

I’m good thank you, and you? – Nei-kaun:-ba-de. Kha-mya gaw nei-kaun:-ye-la:? 

What’s your name? – Na-me be-lo khaw-dha-le:? 

My name is ___  – ____ ba

Where are you from? – ba-lu-myo:-le:?

I’m from ___ – ___ lu-myo:-ba

Can you speak English? – in-ga-leik-sa-ga: pyaw-da’-la: ? 

I cannot speak Burmese – Myanmar-za-ga: ma-pyaw-da’-phu:

Excuse me, where is the toilet? – ein-dha be-hma-le:? 

Excuse me, how much is this? – da be-lau’-le:? 

Thank you – Kyei:-zu-tin-ba-de 

Note: The “Ky” or “Gy” in Burmese is pronounced with a “J” sound – Kyei-zu-ba = Jei-zu-ba

Now you have learned a little bit of Burmese! Congratulations! You can now use these phrases whenever you need to during your travels around Myanmar. Good luck!



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